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Company members are auditioned then selected based on superior talent and skill. Each is trained for performance by Artistic Director Jamel Gaines. Members adhere to a strict daily/weekly practice regimen to prepare for a rigorous year round performance schedule, which includes concert, seasonal tours and performance workshops. Styles and techniques include ballet, modern, jazz, traditional African, tap, salsa, Caribbean, Horton, Graham, Dunham and Hip Hop. Artist and choreographic development, master classes and corporate performances are also available


Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet (JGCO) Dance Theatre, formerly known as Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn, was founded in 2005 by Jamel Gaines.  JGCO is considered one of Brooklyn’s premier contemporary dance company, best known for its riveting, thought-provoking and relatable repertory.  The dance aesthetic encompasses classical, contemporary and modern style. For nearly 25 years, JGCO has assembled an extensive performance repertoire; with works presented across the United States and select international cities.


At JGCO, we believe dance is a powerful medium that can transform the lives of individuals, families and communities. Our instructors and staff are professionally trained, experienced, and highly dedicated artists in New York City.  Although our staff share common goals and visions for our dancers, their individual styles and backgrounds are embraced; which equals a unique training experience for our artists.


We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with the performing arts, encouraging dancers to take risk in their artistic work, while maintaining responsibility of their schedules, training and performances. We emphasize the nurturing of artists and young people to develop discipline, self-confidence and learning skills.  Our classes and instruction are designed to motivate our students through creativity and discipline.  We teach in a fun, yet structured learning atmosphere so that our students will continue to love the Arts, gain confidence and realize their full potential.


Dancers have direct access to Jamel and artistic staff for questions concerning both artistic and career development.

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