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"Thank you Everyone for allowing your artistry, creativity, and ability to minister to our hearts come alive. I was so pleased to meet so many amazing, fun loving, dedicated people and reconnect with others. What a blessing! Thank you all again. Peace, Love, and Blessings"

"AMAZING! Spiritual Phenomenal!!!  I’m still processing this evening. Thank you all for everything, I have no words. Please thank every cast member, crew & creative team. Children, Seamstress, Drummers, your Teacher, Dancers, Spoken Word Artists, Drivers, Chaperones, Runners, Gregg, Choreographers, Shandale…Er’body who had a part in making this happen. The congregation is so honored & blessed to have witnessed magical story, telling, cultural history. Peace, Love and Blessings."
"Just seen Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet show at BAM Fisher Hall and I am MOVED! What they're doing for children of color in Brooklyn and the TALENT seen through story telling is extraordinarily moving"
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